Help for Seniors

Meals and Nutrition Education

Our services include both home-delivery for individuals and congregate site options.

We provide hot, nutritionally balanced meals, nutrition education and other appropriate counseling to older adults. Some programs include a group meal, which is a great opportunity for socializing with other seniors.

We provide nutritious meals

The NWICA Nutrition Program provides roughly 300,000 meals to 4,000 individuals throughout the planning and service area.

NWICA Senior Meal Site A healthy and convenient alternative to eating alone! If you are hungry, unable to shop or cook for yourself, or just want someone to share a meal with, then come to one of NWICA's Senior Meal Sites for a hot and nutritious meal.

Click here to find a site near you.

NWICA Restaurant Voucher Program

To meet the changing needs of the customers we serve, NWICA has developed new program options especially in the area of Nutrition.

NWICA offers a Restaurant Voucher Program.  A local restaurant is used as the daily meal site. In this non-traditional setting, program participants meet at the restaurant during an identified time and use program coupons to eat a heart healthy and nutritious meal. We provide nutritional support for older adults in a family and community friendly environment. Menu choices include breakfast, lunch and dinner options. For more information regarding eligibility and other program requirements, please call 1.800.826.7871.

NWICA Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides eligible senior citizens with checks to use at their local farmers’ markets to purchase fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The health benefits of consuming fresh produce, the social interaction provided at the market, and the financial savings makes this a highly desired program for both seniors and farmers.

If you would like to learn more about these services and find out if you qualify, contact NWICA 2-1-1 or Information and Assistance at 1-800-826-7871.

NWICA Home Delivered Meal Program NWICA also offers Home Delivered Meals through our In-Home Services Program. For more information visit the In-Home Services page.