NWICA’s Home and Community-Based Services department coordinates a broad range of services to meet individualized needs. Our certified, professional Care Managers partner with individuals on an ongoing basis to develop person-centered and person driven care plans. Program participants determine and prioritize their goals for independent living and for care received in the home and community.  The participant, the care manager, and care providers work together to negotiate the best combination of services and supports to assist individuals according to their needs, goals, and preferences.  Care plan services may include home-delivered meals, personalized attendant care, structured family caregiving, personal emergency response systems, home and community assistance, adult day services, and more.

Emergency Contacts/Important Telephone Numbers

Contact the In-Home Services provider with any changes in scheduling and staffing such as to reschedule a day, to request a different caregiver, or general issues. If you are not able to resolve an issue with the In-Home Services provider, or feel the issue is not one that falls within this category, please contact your NWICA Care Manager listed above. Please inform the NWICA Care Manager when you have been admitted to the hospital or if you are not being properly served by the In-Home Service Provider. It is important to have a back-up plan in place in the unlikely event that services are delayed or cannot be provided.

Contact the Field Supervisor is you feel the NWICA Case Manager is not working to resolve any issues you have taken to them for assistance.