Seeking Sponsors for the 2022 Reimagine Conference

Northwest Indiana Community Action (NWICA) is your local Community Action organization. We serve people with low-income; prenatal mothers, parents & guardians, infants, and children; those with aging and disability needs; and caregivers. Each year, we learn the stories of more than 50,000 people and understand the impact that toxic stress has on our communities. In order to reimagine our communities, we need to understand the impact of toxic stress on individuals and communities.

Toxic stress, trauma, and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are a root cause of generational poverty, mental health challenges, addiction, antisocial behavior, low academic achievement, employment struggles, and more.

On October 11 and 12, NWICA is hosting the 4th annual Reimagine Conference. We invite you to join us in addressing this need by becoming an event sponsor. By partnering with us for the Reimagine Conference your organization will receive recognition, interact with in person and remote attendees, network with other organizations, and become part of a coalition in Northwest Indiana to address the real root causes of poverty.

Our theme this year is “Healing Our Future”.  The theme reminds us that simple acts today, like helping a co-worker make positive choices or responding differently to our client’s behaviors, can lead to stronger healthier communities tomorrow.

Community sponsors are the primary source of funding for the Reimagine Conference and make community progress possible.

Learn more or register as a sponsor at  For questions or more information, please contact Anna Schoon, 219-794-2068 or .