Senior Management

A Message from our CEO

“Being a part of Indiana’s Community Action network means we are committed to address the causes and conditions of poverty, creating opportunities for people to have decent, safe, and affordable living conditions, and to make resources available to help low-income individuals improve their financial wellness. We are a nonprofit, ensuring we partner with other community organizations, to create sustainable and efficient programs that help people holistically.

At Northwest Indiana Community Action we are also the designated Indiana Area 1 Agency on Aging and deliver NCQA accredited case management services too. What does this mean? For older adults and individuals with disabilities, who are able to receive supportive services at home instead of a nursing facility, we determine eligibility and create service plans for Medicaid Waiver programs. Additionally, our agency coordinates an array of at-home services where older adults and those of any age with a disability, can flourish. We connect people to the right supports, at the right time, and ensure people can live at home, safely, for as long as possible.”

Jen Trowbridge

President/Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Malone


Chief Services Officer

Robyn Freel


Vice President, Finance

Eric Shelton

Vice President, Information Technology & Facilities Management

Anna Schoon


Vice President, Planning & Business Development

Jessica Sitaras

Director, Human Resources